The MiniMod Mk2 is a lightweight, explosively driven, water disruptor for use against small to medium sized IEDs. It shares the same essential features as the entire “Mod” family of disruptors, including the larger DemiMod and is ideal for disrupting IEDs ranging in size from a brief-case up to a large suitcase or even an animal carcass.

The MiniMod uses patented technology for producing a shaped charge with sheet explosive or detonating cord as the propellant and water, or salt and water, as the projectile. Each module consists of two containers: a tamper and a projectile, which are fitted together, sandwiching the explosive charge. Endcaps hold the elements together and allow separate modules to be joined side-by-side or end-to-end according to the size and shape of the target.

The MiniMod Mk2 has a simplified endcap design and screw-caps to seal the liquid in the charge.  The tool is provided empty and is loaded with explosive and water by the user.