ABL 3000 Lightweight

The ABL 3000 Lightweight is made of titanium, making this disruptor extremely lightweight. It is ideal for personnel to carry, or for use on small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) on which payload weight needs to be kept to a minimum.

It is a multi-shot device, capable of many firings and requiring minimum maintenance. Training can be carried out on this disruptor without causing any detriment to its service performance.
The ABL 3000 Lightweight Recoilless Disruptor has been subject to a series of formal tests against representative targets, sensitive explosives, and pressure measuring systems. This ensures reliable and consistent disruptive performance with complete recoilless operation, minimum collateral damage, and maximum operator safety.

This disruptor can be supplied with additional facilities to provide enhanced capabilities. With a simple substitution of the front barrel assembly and use of the correct projectile, the ABL 3000 Lightweight is able to operate as a de-armer, capable of firing a range of solid projectiles such as chisels, slugs and forks.

The ABL 3000 Lightweight Recoilless Disruptor is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard. Prior to dispatch, all items of equipment are subjected to an over-pressure proof test and flaw detection.

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