HSG Remote Firing Device

The DynITEC HSG Remote Firing Device (RFD) system enables secure remote controlled (wireless) initiations with a range of up to 7km. It is a bi-directional system, with which the remote controlled communication between transmitter and receiver can be tested remotely inclusive of a battery test and a circuit test.

The HSG Remote Firing Device has four receiver program places (ID) that can be administered and controlled with the handheld transmitter HSG, enabling secure electrical and shock tube initiations.

The main components are essentially the following, remembering that the system is modular accommodating up to four receivers:

  • Transmitter (M 2069 TD): Single handheld transmitter HSG AS4-4 bi-directional, with four firing circuits.
  • Receiver (M 2070 TD): Remote controlled initiation device FAE AS4-4 bi-directional.
  • Shock Tube Adaptor (M 2129 TD): Plug and play.