WISe SC1 Remote Kit Wireless Initiation System

Compact and lightweight, the WISe SC1 Remote Kit Wireless Initiation System is purpose-built for EOD and Tactical use. Designed with security, performance, and simplicity in mind, WISe makes it easy and affordable to outfit teams with a dependable remote initiation system. Digitally secured, Spread Spectrum technology uses 128 Bit AES, and rolling code linking to ensure that only the linked pair ever communicates.

The Remote’s small size makes it perfect for attaching to smaller “tac-bot” robots, and is remarkably convenient when paired with a disruptor. Outputs for both dual shock tube and electrical blasting (including electric breech) are included in one convenient module. The controller features ambidextrous, one-handed operation, and can fit in a radio pouch.

Tactical entry teams benefit from no longer having shock-tube or lead wires to trip up the stack. Placing the remote closer to the charge (but still protected) allows the breacher to safely initiate the breach without interfering with the stack’s movement. Shortening the length of shock-tube or lead wires also saves money.

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