Containment Chamber DynaSEALR E12

The DynaSEALR E12 with rotating opening is specially designed to meet the security demands of airports worldwide. Load large objects easily thanks to the wide opening and the possibility to rotate the cover with the loading tray up to 270°.

Dynasafe offers containment chambers after x-ray scanning at level 3 / level 5.

Use a DynaSEALR E12-WFR chamber to reduce the need to close a terminal after a baggage piece has been identified as hazardous. When the baggage piece is placed inside the chamber and the chamber is closed, the unit can be transported out from the airport with minimum interruption.

The chamber can be easily towed and navigated through narrow spaces by an airport trolley.

The DynaSEALR E12 will totally contain all effects, such as blast wave and light fragments, from a detonating device or combinations of explosives and toxic material as chemical or biological agents