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Department 13, Australian Counter UAS Solution



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The emergence of small, lightweight, low cost Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) offers many applications in the theatre of conflict, but their ubiquitous nature and ease of use make UAS as much a threat as they are an asset to the Defence Force. The use of UAS by conventional, non state and irregular forces has added another dimension of threat on the asymmetric battlefield, enabling adversaries to observe the disposition and capabilities of the ADF. The ADF needs a capability to neutralise this potential threat and inhibit the situational awareness of enemies and antagonists.

This is equally applicable in the commercial sectors, specifically the oil and gas sector where the use of drones to assist with exploration and surveying is a great asset.  However, they also pose a threat as a tool to be used against energy infrastructure.

This article published in Oil and Gas Australia discusses the Mesmer technology which has been developed by department 13 as a response to this threat.  Mesmer can integrate with a variety of sensors to detect, identify, track and mitigate commercial drones.  Department 13 is partnered with EPE to deliver this innovative technology to the Australian market.