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Congratulations to the Bomb Squad on a Great Job


The Police Bomb Squad safely conducted more controlled blasts yesterday to dispose of explosive materials from a house in Ipswich.

An explosives-laden Ipswich house, where police have conducted 18 controlled detonations in the past six days, is expected to be returned to the landlord today.

The house will be returned to Rick Hyde as police revealed one of his former tenants, 43-year-old Glen Charles Dell, has been charged with making the golf ball bomb that maimed a teenager in a Leichardt park in May.

Teenager Michael Boggan lost four fingers on his left hand and one finger on his right when he picked up the bomb he found in a park west of Brisbane.

Mr Dell has also been charged over the explosion last Thursday night that alerted police to the chemical stockpile, as well as making a homemade bomb found at an Ipswich Bunnings construction site in May.

Images show  bomb squad officer wearing EOD9 Bomb Suit  placing explosive material in the yard of a Clay St home, which was then detonated remotely by Police.