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The much anticipated ‘Snakeskin’ Commando CB Undergarment is finally here in Australia

Be prepared for worst-case scenarios with the Commando Stretch Garment. This undergarment’s stretch fabric and unique five-piece design offers exceptional mobility and comfort in demanding situations. Its versatile design easily integrates with many types of outer garments for use in applications ranging from explosive ordnance disposal to dignitary protection. The Commando Stretch Garment is certified to meet NFPA 1994, Class 3 current edition standards for “warm zone” operations.


  • Garment designed with GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric
  • GORE® G9492 gloves with GORE® CHEMPAK® Ultra Barrier Fabric
  • Sleek, lightweight, breathable design can be comfortably worn under many different types of outer garments
  • Breathable comfort for longer duration responses
  • NFPA 1994, Class 3 current edition protection against chem-bio and domestic terrorism agents

Its versatile design enables the undergarment to be easily integrated with other equipment in a variety of ensembles for CBRN response missions such as:

  • Special Operations
  • Tactical force protection operations
  • Covert CBRN identification and detection
  • Counter-terrorism at public events
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Consequence management
  • EOD/ CIED Operations
  • Technical decontamination
  • Technical search and rescue

EPE has just received a demonstration Commando suit here in Australia.  Contact Chris Panteli on for a trial.