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Defence Industries Queensland Event hosted by Deputy Premier


EPE attended the Defence Industries Queensland Networking Function hosted by the Honourable Jeff Seeney MP, Deputy Premier of Queensland, which was attended by 240 guests representing Defence, Queensland Government and Defence Industry in Queensland.

The Deputy Premier gave an address as did the Queensland Defence Industries Envoy – Mr Lindsay Pears. Mr Pears focused on the growing potential of Queensland in his address, stating ‘Our proximity to regional turbulence is self-evident, as is our strategic infrastructure and the need to defend it. We will continue to work closely with defence to make sure that Queensland’s strategic plans are understood at the outset, that they acknowledge defence intent and encourage defence presence, and to ensure that we ease force placement. Presence, proximity and capability equals growth, and that is what we will strive for in Queensland, the strategic state and the front line for defence industry.’

EPE was very pleased to not only attend the event, but also provide ‘light entertainment’ supporting the theme of the event by demonstrating some key Defence capabilities. EPE displayed the EOD9 bombsuit and TAC6 Lightweight Bomb Suit, and demonstrated the TALON and Dragon Runner 20 bomb disposal robots.