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EPE and IMSL Announce an International Partnership


EPE has teamed with IMSL to develop synergies in their respective markets. EPE provides IMSL with leverage, knowledge and experience of the Australian and New Zealand Defence and Security market for its specialised training and service offerings, and IMSL has identified potential in other markets for EPE packages of equipment, training and consultancy.

Warwick Penrose, CEO of EPE, says “This arrangement is built on many years of personal relationships and goodwill between the two companies. We are encountering a very real market for IMSL in our home territory and are excited by the potential for a reciprocal relationship in areas where IMSL is pursuing a number of lines of development”.

While Andy Green, CEO of IMSL, added “Our friendship with EPE is built on real respect. It is clear that we can help each other as we both seek to expand our businesses globally – there is no overlap , but real opportunity to leverage each other’s access in specific markets. We look forward to exciting times together.”

About IMSL – The Intelligence People

As international intelligence specialists, with bases in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, IMSL understands the huge potential that harnessing the power of quality, timely, and actionable intelligence can bring to your organisation. We also know that delivering effective intelligence is a complicated business – that’s why we’ve made it our business.

Our core purpose is to support effective decision-making and the ability to rapidly and confidently move from data to options to informed decisions. IMSL provides every component of the process to make this possible.

We deliver intelligence expertise, training, services and support across multiple sectors – including commercial organisations, financial institutions, insurers, military, law enforcement, government, public and community services – so we appreciate that a customer’s requirements are always unique. Our team of intelligence professionals has extensive domain expertise and is dedicated to working with you to deliver products and services tailored to your needs.

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