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EPE product developed in conjunction with ADF RPDE launched in the UK


Last week the EPE product, Scimitar was launched in the UK by our Distribution Partner, Providence CTS at the Counter Terror Expo in London.

Born from an urgent operational requirement expressed by the Australian Defence Force in 2011 to improve bomb disposal operations in Afghanistan, EPE’s Scimitar is an information collection and fusion tool, which enhances tactical level situational awareness, mission and training analysis, and intelligence gathering.

EPE has partnered with Providence Counter Threat Solutions to represent Scimitar in the UK and European markets. While Scimitar started with military bomb disposal operations, its utility extends into law enforcement, emergency services, mining and many corporate applications where information is gathered from different sensors and sources. Until the arrival of Scimitar, tactical-level operators had to rely on several different means to manage task information. Scimitar exploits advances in technology to better capture, store, manipulate, fuse and disseminate multi-source information, including the live-streaming of data. It allows you to create an electronic record of a particular operational mission or event, or training scenario by overlaying sensor data streams inputted into the system. Data including geospatial, video or still imagery, audio, biometrics, dosimetry or any other data can be streamed onto an operational timeline for ease of current and future reference.

The Expo in London was visited by over 10,000 people and Scimitar received interest from UK MoD, UK Police, and first responder groups from Turkey, Netherlands, Bahrain, Slovakia, Hungary and Pakistan. Providence CTS were awarded a certificate as a finalist for CT Expo Excellence Awards for C-IED innovation at the Expo.