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Explosive Protective Equipment has refined its name to EPE

epe-ttpName change is a reflection of the expansion of the solutions we offer.

Explosive Protective Equipment announces that we are refining our name to EPE to more accurately reflect our business strategy and diversification in the marketplace. It’s also the name we are commonly referred to by many of our existing customers and partners. We are excited to announce our new name to our customers and our global industry partners. The name change reflects our expansion beyond ‘explosive’ and ‘equipment’, while maintaining ‘EPE’ reinforces our commitment to build on 25 years of trusted supply to Australian Defence, Law Enforcement Agencies and other government organisations.

Over the last 3 years EPE has developed a strong reputation for providing ‘more than equipment’, delivering training, specialist staff support and equipment maintenance. An insight is articulated in a formal letter from the Australian Army following the completion of a 12 month training contract in 2012 ‘…I am writing to highlight the excellent performance and support that EPE has provided to The Australian Defence Force since June 2011. The operational requirements for Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) operators in Afghanistan were both technically challenging and required EPE to deliver under the most demanding timelines. Their support to ADF operations was first rate and has undoubtedly saved lives. The project was completed in time, to budget and, in terms of deliverables, exceeded expectations.’

During this same period EPE has expanded beyond ‘Explosive’. We have developed from our core focus on Counter IED, EOD and Personal Protective Equipment, to establish strong momentum supporting broader Force Protection, ECM, CBRN Response, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Blue Force Tracking and Rapidly Deployable Shelter Systems capabilities.

We wish to advise that our name refinement is for branding purposes only. Our registered company name remains Zangold Pty Ltd trading as Explosive Protective Equipment. There will be no effect on Standing Offers with the Australian Government, contractual arrangements, import regulations etc. EPE’s company ownership, products, and services remain the same. All of your internal contacts within EPE also remain the same. The only change is to the branding of materials, which our customers see.