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Factory Acceptance Testing robots at ICP Newtech for an international customer


EPE has been in Ireland at the ICP Newtech robotics manufacturing and test and evaluation facility. Seamus O’Brien and Jack Batty from the EPE team spent time at ICP completing Factory Acceptance Testing on a fleet of Uncrewed Ground Vehicles including six Avenger 2.0 and four Vanguard ST. The fleet has undergone complete inspection, test and evaluation, including range testing, prior to delivery to our government agency customer in the Indo Pacific region.  The fleet will provide enhanced capabilities for bomb disposal and tactical response groups to remove operators from hazards.  Seamus O’Brien has extensive experience as an EOD technician and specialist Counter IED trainer bringing an operational perspective to the test and evaluation process.  Jack Batty is one of the leading robotics technicians in the Australasian region, one of the only technicians to be accredited by multiple leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to repair and upgrade their platforms outside the manufacturing facilities.  Once delivered to our customer EPE will provide specialist operator training and Through Life Support to optimise the capability.

We thank Kieran Nolan and the ICP Newtech team for the ongoing partnership and trust with EPE that has spanned over a decade.