Combat Vehicle Foot Protection System

The Combat Vehicle Foot Protection System is customised to protect the lower limbs of occupants in tracked and wheeled combat vehicles against roadside IEDs and mine blasts. They reduce the risk of serious injury by helping to isolate the occupant and absorb the energy that it is transferred through the floor from an explosive event.

The Foot Protection Systems can be installed in the floors of new or retrofit vehicles, including the LTWV, HMMWV, Eagle, Tur2, IFV, Stryker, LAV, PIII, Rosomak, MRAP Wheeled Vehicle, MLRS, M113, CV90, Abrams, Boxter, and Puma (tracked).

Med-Eng Vehicle Foot Protection Systems are highly recommended for use in conjunction with Driver Seats, Commander Seats and Troop Seats as part of a comprehensive crew survivability solution that also includes blast sensors and personnel cooling systems.


  • Energy Attenuation System to protect against significant blast events (one time usage following significant blast event)
  • Adherence to NATO STANAG 4569, which defines critical injury criteria for the neck, spine and legs
  • Designed for single or dual leg configuration
  • Non-skid surface for safety, even when wet under foot
  • Easily integrated into position to protect forward and side-facing Troops, Commanders and Drivers
  • Available in standard and customised forms
  • Operates effectively regardless of ambient temperature