Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling Kit

The Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling Kit (SSE Sampling Kit) is a small, lightweight but rugged system built with the SOF mission in mind. The kit provides the tools necessary to conduct numerous Sensitive Site Exploitation operations in an austere environment. Developed by operators with decades of SOF experience, this sampling system is all inclusive and organized into a small lightweight package. Two mini pelican cases are provided for you to customize your load out for each collection and also protect collected SSE material and evidence. A replenishment kit is also included, allowing you to easily restock your sampling kit on site.

The Sensitive Site Exploitation Sampling Kit provides the ability to exploit and safely sample:

  • DNA
  • Homemade Explosives (HME)
  • Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents (solid and liquid)
  • Drugs (various forms)
  • Safely remove and transport valuable electronics