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Possible Fentanyl Exposure in Connecticut Prison

Possible Fentanyl Exposure in Connecticut Prison

This possible fentanyl exposure incident highlights need for large-area fentanyl neutralisation.

In a recent article by Eric Levenson and Mirna Alsharif on CNN, six staff members at the Chesire Correctional Institute were taken to local hospitals for possible exposure to fentanyl.

If fentanyl becomes aerosolised, it can be easily dispersed over an area by air circulated by fans or air conditioners. This can contaminate large surface areas or cause overdoses.

Correctional facilities are beginning to see these types of incidents occur frequently within cell blocks or common areas.

To reduce the risk of accidental overdose, personnel at jails and prisons should be trained to identify fentanyl and other synthetic opioids and response teams set up to quickly neutralise the threat before it spreads to larger areas.

EPE offers a wide range of decontamination kits that scale from an individual responder size to a large team or area decon kit that utilises an electrostatic sprayer. Details on the decon kits available can be found here.

See the original CNN article here.