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EPE certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

QMS Logo with JAS-ANZ black text

EPE is proud to announce we have received certification as operating an AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System for the provision of Counter IED,EOD, and Force Protection Solutions including Equipment, Design, Training and Consultancy Services.

The certification is formal recognition of EPE’s commitment to focusing on our customer, and consistent and continuous improvement of our processes.

EPE Equipment management is committed to:

  • Identifying and meeting the needs of our customers
  • Ensuring product quality through extensive quality assurance checking
  • On-going staff training and development
  • Operating and continually improving our Quality Management System.

This process included an extensive evaluation, setting measureable objectives and incorporating corrective and preventative actions and methods of monitoring customer satisfaction.  All members of staff have been trained on the new or updated procedures and key staff are part of the review and improvements steps. Finally, an extensive audit was carried out to enable our certification. To maintain our certification, we will undergo audits to ensure compliance and to assess initiatives for continued improvement.

Warwick Penrose, Managing Director of EPE explains ‘We believe that our decision to seek ISO 9001 Certification supports our commitment to providing dependable service and expertise to our customers to always deliver our brand promise Trusted to Protect.’


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The much anticipated ‘Snakeskin’ Commando CB Undergarment is finally here in Australia

Be prepared for worst-case scenarios with the Commando Stretch Garment. This undergarment’s stretch fabric and unique five-piece design offers exceptional mobility and comfort in demanding situations. Its versatile design easily integrates with many types of outer garments for use in applications ranging from explosive ordnance disposal to dignitary protection. The Commando Stretch Garment is certified to meet NFPA 1994, Class 3 current edition standards for “warm zone” operations.


  • Garment designed with GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric
  • GORE® G9492 gloves with GORE® CHEMPAK® Ultra Barrier Fabric
  • Sleek, lightweight, breathable design can be comfortably worn under many different types of outer garments
  • Breathable comfort for longer duration responses
  • NFPA 1994, Class 3 current edition protection against chem-bio and domestic terrorism agents

Its versatile design enables the undergarment to be easily integrated with other equipment in a variety of ensembles for CBRN response missions such as:

  • Special Operations
  • Tactical force protection operations
  • Covert CBRN identification and detection
  • Counter-terrorism at public events
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Consequence management
  • EOD/ CIED Operations
  • Technical decontamination
  • Technical search and rescue

EPE has just received a demonstration Commando suit here in Australia.  Contact Chris Panteli on for a trial.

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Congratulations to the Bomb Squad on a Great Job


The Police Bomb Squad safely conducted more controlled blasts yesterday to dispose of explosive materials from a house in Ipswich.

An explosives-laden Ipswich house, where police have conducted 18 controlled detonations in the past six days, is expected to be returned to the landlord today.

The house will be returned to Rick Hyde as police revealed one of his former tenants, 43-year-old Glen Charles Dell, has been charged with making the golf ball bomb that maimed a teenager in a Leichardt park in May.

Teenager Michael Boggan lost four fingers on his left hand and one finger on his right when he picked up the bomb he found in a park west of Brisbane.

Mr Dell has also been charged over the explosion last Thursday night that alerted police to the chemical stockpile, as well as making a homemade bomb found at an Ipswich Bunnings construction site in May.

Images show  bomb squad officer wearing EOD9 Bomb Suit  placing explosive material in the yard of a Clay St home, which was then detonated remotely by Police.

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Queensland Police Bomb Squad Officers Destroy Homemade Explosives

Queensland Police Bomb Squad were at a home in Ipswich Brisbane this week with experts working to disarm volatile bomb ingredients,  after a blast at the home on Thursday injured two men.

POLICE have detonated five lots of “highly volatile” material after two men were injured in an explosion in the home.

The incident comes just two months after the bomb squad was called to detonate a suspicious device at a Bunnings Warehouse construction site across the road from the house.

These images show Queensland Police Bomb Squad members at both incidents wearing EOD9 Bomb Suits while handling the explosives.

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EPE Maintenance Team qualified in Radiation Safety from ANSTO

Radioactive symbol
EPE Maintenance Manager Dean Dickson, and Maintenance Engineer, Dayne Hawkes, have successfully completed advanced training in the field of Radiation Safety. The training was provided by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation(ANSTO), the premier training provider of radiation training in the Oceania region.

The training was conducted at ANSTO’s Open Pool Australian Lightwater Reactor Facility (OPAL) in Lucas Heights, Sydney.   This is home to the only active nuclear reactor in in the Oceania region. Here they compounded their skill sets in numerous disciplines, including: Radiation Safety Theory, Radiation Working Practices and Methods to deal with Radiation Emergencies. These skills will add to the extensive knowledge our maintenance team already have in  Non Destructive Testing and Industrial Radiography, in order to provide a world class maintenance service to our customers.

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Allen Vanguard has launched the NEW HAL Tactical

HAL-Tactical_mainHAL Tactical: What is it?
The HAL Tactical Kit is a lightweight man-portable Hook and Line kit that is based on Modular Equipment Packs (MEPs) to support operations where a full sized Hook and Line kit is not an option. The HAL Tactical is designed for during Tactical, SWAT, Route Clearance, IEDD and other missions involving explosive threats.

The Core System is based on a Leg Pouch mounted to the thigh and contains 3 Modular Equipment Packs: Line; Basic Clamps & Manipulators; and, an Anchor. Users can then enhance this with up to 8 Specialty MEPs: Advanced Clamp; Visibility; Basic Reach; Guidance; Multi-tool; Demining; Grappling Hook; and Bi-pod & Extended Reach. This allows users to customize their Kit at time of order and then select the exact Modular Equipment Packs that are most relevant to their operational needs for a given mission. All of the components have been designed to minimize size and weight but still provide excellent functional capabilities.

EPE currently has the first Demo Kit in Australia to demonstrate to end users in January and February of 2013.

We are very excited by the positive comments from end users from the US, Canada and Australia who have seen prototypes of the Kits. The quality and capabilities of the HAL Tactical make it very competitive.

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Day 2 at ABDC Conference

Today the Theme at the EPE Booth covers Training; Threat Analysis/ Portal; K9 Training and Equipment; and ECM.  Our team will be demonstrating the NEW Scimitar Tactical Mission and Training Analysis Tool.

Also on display:

  • Scorpion Man Portable ECM
  • Equniox Vehicle Mounted ECM
  • Complete K9 Capability including dogs, K9 and Handler Training, K9 Protection and Equipment.
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2CER Summer Ball Tonight

The Summer Ball will be a very special event with many troops arriving home from deployment.  EPE has worked closely with 2CER over the past 18 months with OHR, BiP and EDD Training, and is happy to support the Regiment through sponsorship of the Summer Ball. We wish you all a great night.


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EPE exhibit at ABDC Conference

Day 1 at Australian Bomb Data Centre Conference.  Today the EPE Exhibit is themed Lightweight Operator System.

Featuring NEW Technology:

  • Med-Eng TAC6 Lightweight Bombsuit Ensemble with
  • NEW Revision Helmet and HCT3 Helmet Camera
  • NEW HAL Tactical – a lightweight modular version of the trusted HAL Hook & Line System
  • NEW Blast Tracker – Blast exposure recording device
  • Armadillo 3.5 Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  • Complete tactical capabiity of Tactical Electronics suite of cameras
  • ScanXScout XRay System
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EPE Company Announcement

Monday 5th November 2012


Explosive Protective Equipment (EPE) announces that Counter Terrorism Solutions (CTS) has been merged into Explosive Protective Equipment. Both companies are owned by Warwick Penrose, and all business previously conducted by CTS will now be conducted by EPE. The same team will continue to provide the same high level of service and expert product knowledge on the CTS products – the RAZOR III, RAZOR EX, Film Array and RSDL. The CBRN Product Line Manager is Chris Panteli, who can be contacted on 0411 598 338.

Further, we take this opportunity to advise you that Idaho Technology has changed it’s name to BioFire Diagnostics Inc. BioFire develops innovative solutions for BioSurveillance and molecular diagnostics. EPE remains the Australian distributor for BioFire delivering the leading edge technologies including RAZOR EX and Film Array into the Australian first responder community.

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EPE hosts Dr Aris Makris at LWC this week

Dr Aris Makris joins EPE at LWC this week. Aris is Vice President of Research and Development from Allen-Vanguard. Aris specialises in explosions and protection against blast effects. He has led numerous programs geared towards design and development of advanced personal protective systems to protect against IEDs, including the EOD 7B, 8 & 9 generation bomb suits, as well as, blast mitigation seats for mitigating injuries to military vehicle occupants subjected to IEDs. Aris and his team at Allen Vanguard have developed a number of person borne blast sensors to assist in quantifying individual blast exposure under diverse operational circumstances and guide improvements in design, medical understanding and optimization of SOPs . Dr. Makris has been an active member of several equipment performance standards, including the NIJ Bomb Suit standard, NATO and UN working groups.

Aris is presenting a paper at LWC on Person Borne Blast Dosimeters.

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Visit EPE at Land Warfare Conference

Visit us at LWC in Melbourne 30 October to 2 November. All the EPE team will be there and we look forward to catching up. EPE is at Area 27. This year we’ll have a range of new capabilities on display. Areas of focus include:
Lightweight EOD Solutions – including the new Med-Eng TAC6, HAL Tactical, Lightweight Disruptors, latest in UGVs
Tactical and ISR – featuring the latest technologies from Tactical Electronics including UAV, tactical camers. Plus new technology in Situational Command and Control.
CBRN and Deployable Shelter Systems – Biodetection, Decon Shelter Systems.
Canine – our complete canine offering for Law Enforcement and Military Working Dogs

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Tectonica Defence Mobile App Competition

Tectonica is running a mobile app competition with $5k in cash up for grabs. Tectonica also intends to develop the winning idea into a live app so you get both cash and kudos!

Have you ever thought there should be an App for that? Questioned whether using your smartphone would be faster? Easier? Simpler? Well here’s your chance to do something about it.

Tectonica is searching for a great Defence App idea.

So, if you’ve been planning the perfect App to help you fulfil your role, submit your idea on Facebook. The Tectonica panel of judges will decide the best idea, and award the winner $5000.

The Tectonica team of experienced Defence software developers will turn your idea into reality.

The bragging rights and $5000 could be yours – good luck!
Complete details at Tectonica facebook page Terms and conditions

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US Trip to Tactical Electronics

Warwick Penrose, Director and Dean Dickson, Tactical and ISR Manager have just spent a week in the US finalising the Teaming arrangement with our Strategic partner for this market – ‘ Tactical Electronics’ (TE). TE has a long history with the US DOD, particularly the Special Forces Community, and other Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies providing niche EOD and Tactical solutions . TE will utilise their relationships and existing contracts with these clients to assist with launching Scimitar Tactical into the US market. Warwick and Dean spent time in the US further developing the channel partner relationship, finalising integration of the platform with TE sensors, understanding US end user requirements, and training their key staff on the Scimitar Tactical Platform.

Scimitar Tactical has been developed by EPE in response to a capability gap identified by ADF. Scimitar Tactical is employed to capture, store, manipulate and fuse multi-source information, to provide users with a detailed, multiple-view record of events, allowing complex operational and training analysis, as well as for evidentiary collection. It provides a unique capability to seamlessly integrate multiple sensors into a readable timeline of events. Following delivery of the earlier version to ADF, EPE have further developed the product, which is now ready to launch into the US market.

EPE represents the full range of the TE capability into the Australian and New Zealand Market. Their capability fits very well into the solutions that EPE provides. They lead the market in what they do in their development and supply of innovative equipment and training solutions, which is something readily transferrable to our Australian Military and Law Enforcement counterparts.

EPE will be launching Scimitar Tactical to the US market at Modern Day Marine Conference to be held at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia from September 25 to 27 2012. EPE is a member of the Team Defence Australia contingent exhibiting at Modern Day Marine.

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Sergeant Jodie Pearson from WA Police BRU wins prestigious Award

Photo is courtesy of © THE WEST AUSTRALIAN.

EPE congratulates Sergeant Jodie Pearson as the current recipient of ACWAP’s (Australian Council of Women and Policing) most prestigious award, the Bev Lawson Memorial. Jodie is a Bomb Technician from Western Australia Police TRG BRU (Tactical Response Group Bomb Response Unit). She is highly regarded across the nation and is recognised as being one of the most senior and proficient Bomb Technicians in Australia. She has had extensive involvement in policing operations around the nation including the Sydney 2000 Olympics and CHOGM. The Bev Lawson Award recognises an outstanding woman in Policing who has been a first in their field or endeavour; made a significant contribution in that field; and encouraged and paved the way for other women to follow. Jodie’s selection to join the Tactical Response Group and train as a Bomb Technician has been ground breaking for women in Australian policing.

Photo shows Jodie wearing one of WAPOL BRU’s new EOD Tactical Suits, which is manufactured by Allen Vanguard and distributed in Australia by EPE. The new lightweight suit offers unprecedented flexibility combined with extensive protection against impact, overpressure and fragmentation. Check out the suit at For visual of the modularity of the suit click here.

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Tactical Electronics helps Investigators in Colorado Massacre

Broken Arrow Company Helps Investigators In Colorado Massacre

Jul 23, 2012 in New and Notable

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma – Oklahoma’s Own gave a helping hand in the aftermath of the Colorado movie theater Massacre.
After a gunman opened fire in the theater, shooting 71 and killing 12, law enforcement began working overtime.

Investigators used bomb-searching equipment from a Broken Arrow company to help look through the suspect’s booby trapped apartment.

The company specializes in making products for the military and law enforcement to use during risky situations.

It’s the image that’s been captured this weekend — bomb squads trying to gain access into the Colorado shooting suspect’s booby-trapped apartment.

Investigators were seen holding a pole through the suspected gunman’s window. At the end, there’s a camera that can check out what’s going on inside.”

“It’s the eyes of the operator, and it allows them to gain an advantage to look into an area without exposing themselves,” Tactical Electronics Training Support Manager Heath Arning said.

Tactical Electronics sells things like the Long Pole Search System used in Colorado, as well as unmanned helicopters equipped with cameras.

After the Colorado footage hit airways, Heath Arning said an employee notified him that their equipment was being used in the high-profile case.

“We’re proud that our products are helping those guys do their job and try to do it safely despite how tragic this was,” Arning said. “We’re happy that our products can help them do their job.”

In this case, the cameras were able to show a trip wire at the suspect’s door, which was designed to trigger an explosion.

As a retired SWAT team member, Arning says proper equipment could be the difference between life and death.

“The ability to do these types of operations with less risk to yourself, because our first mission was to complete the mission at hand and secondly, we’re going to go home at the end of the shift,” Arning said.

Tactical Electronics sells products and provides training to law enforcement agencies across the globe.

The police department in Colorado already had purchased that pole camera before the shooting happened.

See the Full Story Here:

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EPE has been granted membership to TRACE International Inc.

TRACE International Inc. (TRACE) has successfully completed a TRACE Standard due diligence review of Zangold Pty Ltd trading as Explosive Protective Equipment. TRACE has granted Zangold Pty Ltd a certificate of membership signifying the company’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.

EPE will display the TRACE Member Logo which signals our efforts to ensure commercial transparency to our customers, business partners, suppliers and other contacts.  Click here for information regarding the importance of this membership.

TRACE is a non-profit membership association that pools resources to provide practical and cost-effective anti-bribery compliance solutions for multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries (sales agents and representatives, consultants, distributors, suppliers, etc.). TRACE provides several core services and products, including: due diligence reports on commercial intermediaries; model compliance policies; an online Resource Center with foreign local law summaries, including guidelines on gifts and hospitality; in-person and online anti-bribery training; and research on corporate best practices. For multinational companies, TRACE provides a practical alternative to increasingly expensive and time-consuming corporate compliance. For commercial intermediaries, TRACE creates a bridge between them and companies doing business internationally. For more information about TRACE, please visit

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Busy week for Bomb Squads in Australia

This week there were 2 bomb incidents in Australia calling in the State Police Bomb Sqauds. Both incidents required wearing the EOD9 bomb suit.

In Everton Park, Brisbane the Queensland Police Explosive Ordnance Response Team were called when a suspicious package sparked fears of an explosion. It has been reported that the package was an old ammunition canister that contained a small amount of commercial grade explosive, which was found inside a backyard shed. One of EORTs Bomb Techs inspected the canister wearing the EOD9 suit.

In Melbourne this week, detectives have charged a 31-year-old man following the alleged discovery of explosives at Harbour Esplanade, Docklands. Images from Docklands show a bomb tech from Victoria Police Bomb Response Unit wearing an EOD9 suit and using an ROV to remove the explosives from a vehicle.